TBL TNS Features

Connect with Friends

Playing table tennis all by yourself is kind of hard, eh? No fear, TBL TNS is here. Connect with friends and follow players to track matches and keep up with their TBL TNS activities.

Check Into a Location

Ever send or receive a text like: “pong anyone?” Get an email asking if anyone is free to play table tennis? We built this app for you! Check-in at any location with a table and our app will notify your nearby TBL TNS friends that you are you’re strapped and ready to play.

Record Score

If you dominated a game of pong and it wasn’t recorded, did it really happen? We think not. Which is why TBL TNS lets you record and keep track of all of your matches.

Find a Table Nearby

Get your pong on stat. Find the closest table to play at any given time. Spotted a table in the wild that’s not in our database? Do your fellow table tennis players a solid and add a new public or private location with ease.

TBL TNS Screenshots